Garis Panduan Capstone


  • Capstone design laboratory to replace the project/problem based laboratory for 4th Year students beginning semester 2015/16-1.
  • Known as Capstone Project (course code remains as SKEE/L/M 4722) 
  • Capstone project is a major component of any engineering curriculum
  • Showcase of knowledge and skills acquired over the years of studies, design a product/service of significance, and solve an open-ended problem in electrical engineering
  • Satisfies requirement by Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC)

Project Attributes

  • Each group will be assigned a project by the appointed facilitator/s
  • Projects assigned to each group are mainly industrial or community-based
  • Projects must include the use of electrical engineering tools but NOT limited to microprocessors, micro-controllers, PCB development, PLCs etc. 
  • Projects may not necessarily be tangible but must be a product that can be demonstrated in terms of operation and functional

Learning Outcomes